Our mission

To reinvent credit to make it honest, safe, and instant everywhere you need it, so you can achieve more financial flexibility and peace of mind.

Our Values

Our Team

Tymit is supported by a team of rock-star engineers and product designers with previous experience in leading financial services companies like PayPal and Santander.

Our Story

The idea behind Tymit started from the belief of two brothers: Martín and Nico, that there should be a better way of financing purchases over time to manage a monthly budget than using credit cards or loans. As users themselves of consumer credit products, and from their professional experience in banking, they saw credit cards are very easy to use but offer a very poor experience when it comes to financing a purchase. Cards often have unclear pricing, lots of fees, and lack of features to keep balances under control. Alternatives like store loans require applying and running credit checks every time they are used and are not readily available in most places when needed.

After spending many years working with major high-street Banks, both founders were convinced that they could leverage the latest technology in cards and payments to offer a much better experience to the customer. One that is cheaper, more transparent, more flexible, and easily available anywhere when needed.

In the summer of 2017 Martín moved from New York to London to join Nico to start Tymit. Since then, Juan and an experienced team of engineers and designers joined the team. Together, they have rapidly built the technology behind Tymit entirely from scratch.