A smarter credit card.

We made a new credit card from scratch.

It is fast, simple, transparent and always fair, with best-in-class fraud protection.

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Ultimate control over your spending.

Buy and choose when to pay

Break any purchase in up to 24 equal monthly instalments to make it fit your budget.

See an easy summary

We'll show you at all times a clean overview of your spending by category so you know where your money is going.

Get instant spending notifications

You'll receive an alert on your phone the second your card is used.

"Bucket" your purchases

Bundle purchases together easily and customise it (like "Weekend in Paris"). You can then choose to spread the cost overtime as you need.

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A credit card from a tech company (not a Bank).

Interest free period of up to 42 days that you control

Traditional credit cards charge you interest on your full balance if you pay less than the total monthly payment. We don't. With Tymit you pay interest only on purchases you choose to spread overtime.

Manage your monthly payment smartly

Choose monthly payments that best suit you. It's easy and totally transparent about what the costs are (if any). You can then pay with the tap of a button from the app.

Get a Credit Limit that is right for you

We use advanced analytics to assign you a credit limit high enough for your buying needs that will also help you improve your credit history.

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Travel the world safely.

Available everywhere

Visa cards are widely accepted worldwide, and because Tymit is a credit card you can use it on aeroplanes, hotels and car rental companies that often won't accept debit or pre-paid cards.

The best exchange rate with no fees

Purchases will convert to GBP at the market exchange rate published by Visa with no mark-ups.

Get alerts on credit holds

We will notify you when a merchant puts a hold on your credit and when it is released. So you are protected from unwanted charges.

Advanced fraud protection.

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You're never liable for unauthorised transactions and merchant scams. We keep your account secure with 24/7 fraud monitoring, ID Theft and Purchase Protection. Also, you can easily block your card from the app if you lose it (and unblock it if you find it).

Pricing that is just right.

Credit limit

£500 - £20,000


12% - 19.7%



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Experience the future of credit cards.

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